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Located in the mountains of western Maryland, New Dominion School of Maryland provides residential treatment care for boys 11-17 years of age. Established in 1980, New Dominion School assists teenagers in taking positive control of their lives, realizing their self-worth, developing self confidence and motivation to succeed both socially and academically.

Operating on a year round basis, the program is structured around a natural environment that is well-disciplined, nurturing, optimistic, and conducive to bringing out the fullest potential of each youth. Treatment and education are interrelated. As a student builds self confidence and problem solving skills, he learns to take responsibility for himself and his education.

Program Description

Within the framework of New Dominion's outdoor treatment program, intervention is based on a group process problem-solving model. Students' difficulties in relating to others are not diagnosed and treated in isolation from their daily actions. Instead, problems are dealt with on the spot as they occur. Group meetings are held at any time during the day when a problem arises. In addition, there are regular evening group sessions. During group meetings, students receive the help and support of their group to learn more acceptable behavior, to express emotions appropriately, and to resolve problems productively. Motivation on the part of the student is high because he is meeting primary needs and is experiencing both the positive and negative results of his behavior immediately or soon after his actions.

While the use of the group process is seen as the primary therapeutic intervention necessary for lasting change, New Dominion School recognizes the need for additional therapeutic efforts and utilizes them as part of their comprehensive services. Individual counseling, family counseling, substance abuse counseling/education, and sexual abuse counseling are examples of services available to students. Also, a licensed psychologist is available for consultation.

Resident Profile

A typical resident of New Dominion School is a young man who is experiencing emotional, behavioral and learning problems. He may have a history of difficulty in dealing with structure and/or authority, low self-esteem and substance abuse or experimentation. He may have experienced failures in school but must at least be of average intelligence. He usually has developed unhealthy relationships with his peers and shows a lack of responsibility and consideration to his family, education and society.

While these exhibiting behaviors may jeopardize an adolescent's safety and well being, we recognize that they are typically a cry for help. At New Dominion School, we are committed to returning the student to his family and community a happier, motivated and responsible contributing member of society.

Staff Qualification

The staff at New Dominion School are chosen for their dedication, integrity, experience and professionalism. The direct care staff and the family workers must hold a bachelors degree and participate in a mandatory counselor training program prior to assuming responsibility in the program. Also, to ensure continuous growth, counselors are required to attend weekly training programs.


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